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I’m a frequent writer and source. Some of my favorites pieces are below.

5/4/2014, Huffington Post: “Erasing Your Engagement From The Internet Is Impossible–I Know, I Tried” (quoted)

4/24/2014, Lifehacker: “The Things Nobody Tells You About Breastfeeding” (author)

12/16/2013, Salon: “Who’s tracking your porn?” (quoted)

9/20/2013, VentureBeat: “How to use 23andMe without giving up your genetic privacy” (author)

7/22/2013, CNET: “MaskMe guards your privacy like a vigilant angel” (quoted)

7/17/2013, Variety: “Google Glass Cons: How the Camera-Embedded Eyeglasses Could Shatter Privacy” (author)

4/15/2013, Abine: The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Privacy [e-book] (author)

4/11/2013, BostInno: “6 Steps To Getting Hired At A Tech Startup Without Any Engineering Skills” (author)

2/27/2013, Business Insider: “Why ‘Do Not Track’ Is Not A Death Threat For Online Advertising” (author)

2/6/2013, New York Times: “Staying Private on the New Facebook” (quoted)

9/23/2012, TechCrunch: “The Free Internet Will Be Just Fine With Do Not Track. Here’s Why.” (author)

9/4/2012, Abine: “These 4 varsity Googling skills will show you what the web is saying about you” (author)

8/23/2012, CNN: “Why big companies buy, sell your data” (quoted)

6/9/2012, The Economist: “Kid gloves: Facebook and the under-13s” (quoted)

6/18/2012, Abine: “How to bury negative search results: 4 steps to do it yourself” (author)

4/5/2012, Abine: “How to delete things from the Internet:  A guide to doing the impossible” (author)

2/13/2012, Wall Street Journal: “Sites Are Accused of Privacy Failings” (quoted)

12/8/2011, Abine: “The Top 6 FAQs about Facial Recognition” (author)

5/20/2011, Abine: “Online, you are guilty even after being proven innocent” (author)

10/17/2011, Abine: “Privacy Is Not About Hiding Bad Things” (author)

8/16/2011, ZDNet: “How To Remove Yourself from People Search Websites” (quoted)


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